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  • Free SSL, Godaddy, and Plesk

    The first thing I needed to do was get an SSL cert bound to my website. Nobody wants to visit a site with an SSL warning. In my daily work doing sysadmin-y things, I know what to do: Create a CSR, submit to the security dudes, get the new cert from them/the CA, import into Windows and bind to the site/app. Done. What about Godaddy hosting, where I can’t just log in and run IIS Manager?

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  • Hello_world

    Welcome to Hello World vN+1. I’ve done this a few times, with a few platforms. This is the latest. I’m late-middle-aged with various interests and opinions. Topics will be all over the place, and will probably include things like Orthodox Christianity, IT and tech, DeGoogling and online privacy, food, travel, and whatever else strikes my fancy. It’s kind of a journal, with no overarching focus except me. ha!

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