It’s been a while since I’ve written anything…

There was a day, a little bit ago, on which I decided to try some other Linux flavors. Honestly, I can’t remember the reason why, but I think it had to do with wanting to absolutely separate myself from systemd.

That’s it’s own discussion/post topic. But for this post let me just say I tried a few things and wound up back on MX. MX is non-systemd, but … And I’m not 100% clear on the “but” but there is an option to boot with systemd and there’s a “shim” and, like I said, I’m not totally clear on it, I’ll maybe post about it later. The bottom line is I don’t like systemd and want to be free of it. The resulting carousel of distro’s came full circle, but I didn’t reinstall Ruby and Jekyll and so didn’t have the ability to post new content. Combine that with busy-ness and general apathy and you get a long break between posts. It’s not like anyone reads this anyway

But I did commit to the #100DaystoOffload challenge, and I want to stick with it. Really, how hard is it to “just. write.”?

So today, I got some chores done and had some free time and I installed Ruby and Jekyll and here we are.

In tech news, I stumbled upon GNU Health, which is a FOSS healthcare records solution. During the day, I am an Electronic Health Records (EHR) management sysadmin for a large Healthcare system in the USA using an expensive commercial system. Learning about GNU Health was exciting, and I was glad to see it out there. Read the website to learn a bit about it if you’re interested. The article that led me to it was entitled “Run a Hospital on Raspberry Pi”. Having just employed a Pi as my own Cloud server, this headline had double appeal for me.

I’ve started “Intermittent Fasting.” Not sure if it’s helping. Essentially I don’t eat breakfast. Ha. It’s 16 hours not eating and an 8 hour period when I can eat. I haven’t changed what I eat, just when. Supposedly it evens out blood sugar and is supposed to lower weight. I dunno. I’m just trying it out. Too soon to say if anything is happening.

So that’s the update. As always, thanks for reading. I’ll do some reading and organize my thoughts on systemd for the next one.

This is #6 of #100DaystoOffload, a blogging challenge intended to get folks to “Just. Write.” If you’re a blogger, were a blogger, or want to be a blogger, jump in!