My last post started with “It’s been a while since I’ve written anything…”

How’s that for ironic. That was 10 months ago. The rest of 2020 and half of 2021 has come and gone. What a crap-sandwich.

And what has happened to this country and the world? Suddenly normal life is over. Elections, once the cornerstone of our government, were demonstrated to be worthless. Everywhere there's in-your-face virtue signaling on everything from race to electric vehicles. Of course, that’s mostly on TV/Hulu. Out in real-life it’s less pointed, mostly just virtue signaling about covid. I don’t need to get into details on any of these topics, but the messaging is clear: You shouldn’t (and soon probably won’t) be allowed to just live your life and do your job, minding your own business. You should (and probably soon will) be forced to affirm certain postulates or be punished in various ways.

We’re witnessing the return of the old litmus test used against Christians in the persecution of the Roman Empire: Just burn a little incense on the altar of the gods and it’s all good. Make no mistake: the modern version is just as much about gods and allegiance as the ancient.

So…all of this has really given me a bad attitude. I haven’t been doing anything but working and sitting around. I have been very apathetic. It’s hard not to despair.

But I don’t belong to this world and its values. It’s time I act like I actually believe what I say I believe, like I believe God, not just in God.

I believe that “to die is gain.” To leave the world and be with God is better than anything this worldly life has to offer. I believe that God loves me, and any challenge or hardship is allowed by Him in order to prepare me for salvation. No circumstance, no trial, no event is a surprise to Him, it’s all part of His loving care for me, a “care-plan” that is individualized for me personally. There is nothing for me to fear. Every experience is necessary for my salvation. We are called to carry our cross, not relax and enjoy a life of ease.

For me, attention given to the politics and drama of the secular world distracts me from my faith and my relationship with the Triune God. Jesus said “no man can serve two masters,” and tho He ended it mentioning money, I found it to apply to me and worldly matters. When I pay attention to the events of the world, my faith suffers and I fall prey to fear and apathy or “acedia.”

I’m not saying that’s a problem for everyone, but it is a problem for me, and I need to tackle it as part of working out my salvation.

In other happenings since last year…My mom had a stroke and subsequently reposed in March. A heavy blow to all of us, but especially my dad, her husband of 57 years. She did not suffer pain or lengthy difficult treatments.

January was the 30th anniversary of marriage to my wonderful wife. To celebrate, we’re taking a trip to Alaska. We’re excited about that! There will be a post about that after it happens.

Not sure how active I’ll be here. I would like to write a lot more, but a lot of time I don’t know what to write or that it’s worth recording. I’ll try to keep it up more frequently that once every ten months. I appreciate you stopping by.

Not counting the 100-days thing anymore. lol