The human voice is the most moving instrument of them all. Because of this simple beauty, and following the example of ancient Chrstianity, Orthodox Christian music is all vocal, save perhaps an organ in scattered parishes. Orthodox musical traditions include some of the very finest choral music from both east and west, and some of the oldest hymns in Christendom.

Not surprisingly, the choir is a special ministry in our church.

Many unique voices are needed for harmony, not one, and new voices are always welcome at St. Mary. Orthodox Christians interested in singing in the choir can contact St. Mary choir director, Mimi Oldenhuis.


St. Mary has cds for sale featuring recorded hymns by St. Mary Choir, as well as selected songs from talented vocalist, and St. Mary chanter, Mark David. CDs can be purchased at St. Mary’s Bookstore. All proceeds go back to the choir ministry. Sample tracks below: